Why choose


Wool is an extraordinary fibre. It's a wonder of nature with exceptional properties. Its elasticity makes it remarkably resilient and hardwearing. It is naturally flame retardant and stain resistant, which combined with enviable green credentials, makes wool the unrivaled fibre of choice for flooring.
At Lawton Yarns we've been spinning wool since 1868. We are wholly committed to supporting carpet manufacturers and retailers in promoting its remarkable performance to homeowners and commercial specifiers. Through education - and a celebration of its heritage and timeless appeal - we hope to encourage these important market influencers to 'demand' wool by raising awareness of the stand-out features and the benefits that make this staple material a modern day marvel:
  • Sustainability

    Wool is inherently environmentally friendly. It is grown organically requiring only grass and water as raw materials and is naturally biodegradable and composts easily.
  • Fire Retardancy

    Wool has a slow ignition rate, doesn't give off toxic fumes and self-extinguishes within seconds. It is often overlooked as a natural fire retardant but this should be an especially important consideration for commercial specifiers and families alike.
  • Recoverability

    Wool fibre is a coiled spring, which gives it ‘bounce’ and makes it hardwearing. This means it is hard to flatten and distort leaving the carpet looking great for many years.
  • Stain Resistance

    Wool has already been through some tough conditioning in the field. It has a protective outer membrane and layered structure it resists liquids and grime - giving homeowners and businesses time to soak up any spills.
  • Breathability

    As a natural fibre, wool filters the air and regulates humidity to create a comfortable environment. It absorbs many organic compounds in modern households and takes them away from the air we breathe.

Partners in championing wool

We are passionate about wool and the natural benefits it offers. When it comes to effectively communicating these benefits to consumers and the wider industry, collaboration is key.

From farmers to spinners, manufacturers to retailers, we need to work together to ensure that these messages are brought to market, to help change current misconceptions about wool and encourage homeowners and commercial specifiers to choose this superior, natural material.

We are proud to work closely with a number of partners and organisations to champion the use of wool in carpets:
  • British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB)
    The BWMB has been collecting, grading, promoting and selling great British fleece wool since 1950. With approximately 45,000 registered producers, the BWMB is a non-profit making organisation, returning to producers the market price for their wool, less its own costs.
  • The Campaign for Wool
    Launched in 2010, the Campaign for Wool aims to raise awareness amongst consumers about the natural benefits offered by the fibre. Initiated by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, the Campaign has helped to influenced a new demand for wool and is supported by major trade textile organisations on an international scale.
  • Wool Carpet Focus Group (WCFG)
    With the sole mission of promoting wool as a carpet fibre, the WCFG brings together representatives from across the industry to inspire and inform about the use of wool in the carpet industry and the unique, natural benefits that it offers: bouncebackability, cleanability, sustainability, inflammability and breathability.
  • Wools of New Zealand
    Owned by a group of farmers, Wools of New Zealand identify products which are rich in New Zealand wool and that meet strict performance criteria. Their Laneve wool is made from 100% natural fibres and is traceable through transparent supply chains back to the farmers who grow it.