Exploring the creative possibilities of wool for interior design at INDEX Dubai

12 September 2018

Helen Latham, Product Development and Quality Manager at Lawton Yarns shares a sneak peak into what she’ll be doing at INDEX, Dubai later this week including the creative process behind a collaborative installation with Scarlet Opus.

Wool’s exceptional properties make it the undisputed fibre of choice for flooring but a lack of understanding around some of the material’s lesser known benefits and appreciation of the creative possibilities of wool mean it’s often overlooked.

Our aim at INDEX is to remind people what a fantastic material wool is and the interior design benefits it provides as a natural, insulating, easily cleanable and versatile material.

We’re really excited to have been invited to collaborate with trends house Scarlet Opus on creating the ‘woolfall’ installation. Taking inspiration from nature, the woolfall uses vibrant shades of blue and white yarn to create a waterfall effect. We’ve used one of our beautiful, highly textured and chunky felted yarns which are often used to create stunning rugs. It will also feature leather furniture to create ‘rocks’ in the water. The woolfall is designed to give visitors the chance to look and feel the woollen yarns that can be used to create sensory inspiration in interior spaces and I can’t wait to hear what people think of it.

Flooring can be one of the least innovative  areas of an interior and is often chosen last when updating a living or work space. I’ll be giving a seminar at the show at 12.30pm on Sunday 16th September about the benefits of wool for interior design where I will share some of the lesser known benefits of wool with the audience as well as exploring how wool can be used to inject style, quality and durability into homes and commercial properties.

Lawton Yarns has invested heavily in machinery to enable us to supply the contract market with high quality woollen yarns for the contract market and with Dubai being such a key market for the hospitality trade, we’re really excited about meeting delegates at INDEX to highlight the creative possibilities of wool.

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