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Whatever carpet type, yarn count, colour and wool-rich composition you're seeking, we have the R&D and operational capability to craft a product that suits exactly your manufacturing needs.
  • Great products, best materials

    Our yarns have long been used for hand and broadloom tufting, Axminster and Wilton carpets – in residential and commercial settings. From supplying off the shelf product and existing samples to something more customised, you can be sure of attention to detail from the start. A great product starts with the best raw materials and we’re proud of our uncompromising focus on quality and our unrivalled market knowledge.

  • Over 100 years inside

    Having worked with carpet manufacturers for over 100 years we know the industry – its opportunities and challenges – inside-out.

    Our facilities, technical expertise and always-on operations allow us to respond quickly to client requirements – producing samples or delivering additional stock when required.

  • State-of-the-art

    Our state-of-the art facilities, specialising in dry spinning (in singles and folded to all colours) supply many of the UK’s premium woollen carpet manufacturers, with our wool-rich blends comprising nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic and mixed synthetic fibres.

  • Premium product

    Wool is what we’re known for but consistency of service and absolute quality assurance are a product of our commitment to the customer and that is what has made us a world leading yarn supplier to manufacturers serving the premium end of the flooring market.

Product development

With a full-scale pilot plant and an experienced research and development team, we work closely with our clients to develop products to meet their specific production, commercial and marketing requirements.

Lawton Yarns is hugely versatile. Using undyed, heather and stipple yarns, we can produce carpet fibres in any shade required while our leading-edge machinery allows us to offer a wide range of yarn counts, weights and plys for velvet, pinpoint, high twist, plains, loop pile or cut-pile carpets.

Our product range

At Lawton Yarns we work with our customers to create the highest quality and most suitable yarn for their particular product. We produce both standard and bespoke yarns with an outline the key specification considerations below.

For more specialist products, please give us a call and we will guide you through the process.

Product considerations

1. What type of carpet are you producing and what gauge/type of pitch machine are you using?

This determines the recommended yarn count and twist style. To convert the yarn count, please use our calculator below.

  Hand Tufted Machine tufted Axminster Wilton
Recommended yarn count Any - depending in the pile weight/style. We recommend 380 tex/ 1
5/32 620 - 885 tex
1/2/3 ply
1/8 500 - 775 tex
1/2/3 ply
1/10 340 - 515 tex
1/2/3 ply
560-775 tex 2/3 ply depending on pitch or pile weight 380-885 tex 2/3/4/5 ply depending on pitch or pile weight
Twist level Velvet Velvet or Frise Velvet Velvet or Frise

Hand Tufted

Recommended yarn count

Any - depending in the pile weight/style. We recommend 380 tex/ 1

Twist level


Machine tufted

Recommended yarn count

5/32: 620 - 885 tex 1/2/3 ply
1/8: 500 - 775 tex 1/2/3 ply
1/10: 340 - 515 tex 1/2/3 ply

Twist level

Velvet or Frise


Recommended yarn count

560-775 tex 2/3 ply depending on pitch or pile weight

Twist level



Recommended yarn count

380-885 tex 2/3/4/5 ply depending on pitch or pile weight

Twist level

Velvet or Frise

2. What composition of yarn would you like?

All our yarns can be manufactured to meet either the Fernmark or Crookmark standard.

  • 100% wool
  • 80% wool / 20% Nylon
  • 80% wool / 20% Nylon / 10% Melty Polyester
  • 80% wool / 20% Polypropylene
  • 80% wool / 15% Polypropylene / 5% Melty Polyester
  • 50% wool / 50% Polypropylene to 100% Polypropylene
    Or, any other customised specification

3. What type of yarn are you looking for?

  • Undyed (Ecru)

  • Heather (select from Lawton Yarns colour palette)

  • Berber (all effects up to very heavy)

  • Stipple (each ply dyed a different colour)

  • Plain shades

    • Hank-dyed up to 4,000 kg (select Chromotone ref)
    • Stock-dyed between 1,000-5,000 kg (select Chromotone ref)
  • Chemset yarn

    This would be used for printed carpets to achieve the colour clarity expected in this process

Felted yarn

All stock felted yarns are produced on the purpose-made Periloc machine. Lawton Yarns stocks the following counts:

  • Nm 1,04/1 / 962 tex / 32yrd/oz
  • Nm 0,5/1 / 1920 tex / 16yrd/oz
  • Nm 0,26/1 / 3850 tex / 8yrd/oz
  • Nm 0,13/1 / 7690 tex / 4yrd/oz
  • Nm 0,065/1 / 15400 tex / 2yrd/oz
    Anything coarser than this will be made using the open bath method.

All our felted yarns can be purchased either white or coloured with the price varying according to yarn count. For yarn counts outside our standard stocked ranges a minimum order of 2,000 kg applies.

4. Special protective finishes for the contracts market

We offer the following – as well as others on request:

  • Flame Retardant
  • Anti-static

5. What weight do you require and how do you want it delivered?

We offer the following – as well as others on request:

  • In Hank (up to 10kg)
  • On Cone - 3°30' Hand Dyed, 1°50 Superba Set (measured length)

Yarn Counts

Spun yarns have three basic dimensions; the diameter or thickness, looseness or tightness of the twist and whether the yarn is single or plied.

Yarn count refers to the thickness of a yarn and is determined by its mass per unit length. There are numerous systems that describe yarns that are used within the spinning trade.

Yarn is typically measured using a unit of measure called “Tex”, but for carpet yarns the Dewsbury count is used.

Our simple yarn calculator makes it easy to convert different counts into the required measurement.

Yarn Count Converter

Yarn Counts
- Tex No. of grams per kilometre
- English Cotton No. of 840yd lengths per lb
- Woollen (YSW) No. of 256yd lengths per lb
- Dewsbury No. of yd lengths per oz
- Worsted No. of 560yd lengths per lb
- Metric No. of kilometres per kilogram
- Linen (Wet Spun) No. of 300yd lengths per lb
- Jute No. of lb per 14400yd
- Denier No. of grams per 9000 metres
- Decitex No. of grams per 10000 metres