Wool Best in Show at UK’s National Flooring Event

26 September 2016

The Flooring Show welcomed a record number of visitors and over 190 exhibitors to Harrogate International Centre last week, and anyone who attended couldn’t fail to miss the numerous references to wool and wool carpet.

The Wool Carpet Focus Group’s (WCFG) exhibition area promoted the ‘abilities’ of wool: breathability, bouncebackability, cleanability, and unflammability. Dr Mike Madden demonstrated the ‘unflammability’ of wool by attempting to set it alight, plus there was a ‘test your strength’ challenge to show its ‘bouncebackability’.

The WCFG area also featured large reels of beautifully dyed yarn and spinners using traditional spinning wheels. This gave visitors an inspiring insight into some of the processes behind taking fleece to floor.

The British Wool Marketing Board created a showstopper design for the Wool Trends Area, highlights the benefits of wool products for the interiors sector with a focus on flooring. They had a wealth of information available about their Wool Retailer initiative – www.woolretailer.com. The site is designed to provide consumers with expert advice on choosing wool carpets and help them find their local independent wool carpet retailer.

Feedback from carpet manufacturers reinforced the need for customer education around the benefits of wool carpets to overcome the perceptions around cost and the difficulties in keeping wool clean.

WoolSafe were also at the show with their range of approved cleaning products for wool carpets, helping to dispel the myths around cleaning difficulties. Their handy WoolSafe Carpet Stain Removal Guide app gives free advice on how to remove the most common household spills out of wool carpets, proving how easy it can be to keep wool carpets clean and looking in tip-top condition for years to come.

It’s great to see how far the industry has come in raising awareness of the benefits of wool as a flooring material at such a major event. By working together as an industry, we are confident that wool will be gain the recognition it deserves as the fibre of choice for flooring.