17 April 2018

New research commissioned by Lawton Yarns shows the nation turns to independent flooring retailers over e-zines, glossy home interest titles or social media channels for trusted advice and interiors inspiration.

Over half (52%) of 1,000 UK homeowners surveyed by OnePoll said they were most likely to seek out smaller, specialist stores to help inform their purchasing decisions. What’s more, 43% consider these independent outlets a primary source for home furnishing ideas. National showrooms were the second port of call with 28% visiting the better known brands while in buying mode. Just over a quarter (26%) would revert to carpet manufacturers’ websites.

It’s clear consumers largely depend on ‘bricks’ over ‘clicks’ when they’re in flooring purchasing mode and while that came as somewhat of a surprise, what was most telling was the fact that there was very little variation between how younger age groups answered compared to older generations. We fully expected to see some variation – particularly on those questions pertaining to trends – be it what’s currently perceived desirable or sources of inspiration. But the statistics indicate widespread consensus when it comes to flooring preferences and where homeowners find support for a purchase that typically takes place only once every eight to 10 years.

The impetus behind the research was to really understand what drives consumers in determining what flooring they put down in their homes. Cost? Environmental concerns? Safety? Ease of maintenance? We were second guessing. Now, armed with these insights, we strongly believe that we can support the manufacturers and all-important retailers in getting the ‘buy wool’ message across. The time is right to hone in on the mood of the moment and regain rightful market share for nature’s wonder material.