31 August 2017

This week, we were extremely proud to open our new showroom to promote the natural benefits of wool and celebrate the heritage behind Lawton Yarns.

On 29th August, Charles Lawton, the great-grandson of the founder of Lawton Yarns officially opened the showroom which was designed and curated by Joanna Ramsden. The space features a magnificent ‘wall of colour’ with an array of coloured woollen yarn poms and a range of inspiring displays showcasing how wool can be used in interior design – both in a commercial and domestic setting – to create a fashionable, sustainable and unique finish.

Our rich history in spinning dates back over 100 years, combined with continual innovation that has enabled us to continue to produce premium woollen yarns for the carpet industry. To meet the demands of modern carpet production, we have continued to invest in our world-class spinning facility with cutting edge machinery and state of the art R&D facilities. We’re currently exploring the development of soft touch, chemset and felted yarns to provide a wider range of finishes and textures for luxury carpets and rugs.

As a natural fibre, wool has many exceptional properties that make it ideal for use in carpets including being flame retardant, stain resistant and breathable. Lawton Yarns is committed to championing the natural benefits of wool to encourage homeowners and commercial specifiers to choose wool carpet.

As a dedicated space for inspiration, information and networking for the wool carpet industry, we hope that retailers, carpet manufacturers, local schools and anyone else interested in the yarn spinning industry will enjoy it for years to come. The UK has a rich and proud history of manufacturing world-class woollen yarns and the new showroom celebrates this capability. By educating visitors about the spinning process and benefits of woollen yarn for carpets, we hope to get the ‘buy wool’ message to market and promote this natural fibre as the wonder material that it is.