Continued Investment Creates Global Centre of Excellence in Spinning

25 March 2017

We are proud of our heritage and craft, but we’re always looking to drive our business forward. This passion has seen Lawton Yarns invest £7.7 million in the latest machinery, technology, and processes.

Our Dewsbury-based, state of the art spinning facility in Dewsbury services a customer base that has expanded across the UK, Europe, and the USA – and we’ve focused on developing cost-effective processes to grow profitably.

Production volume has continued to increase year-on-year and we now spin approximately two-hundred and forty tonnes of wool per week.

What sets us apart is that we’ve retained stringent quality control processes and our around-the-clock production schedule means we can offer reduced lead times to customers.

Our initial investment to further improve the facility included a new blending line and upgrading our pre-winding machines with state of the art splicers. We also transferred our stock dyehouse from off-site to an on-site facility and installed more dye pans to service the contract side of carpet production.

We are also committed to operating as sustainably as possible and our heat recovery plant recycles energy and water from the spinning process. We are currently saving around 6.6 million kWh in electricity per year as a result. This is the equivalent to the average annual power consumption of 1,400 homes in the UK!

Recent investment also includes two state of the art Surperba heat setting machines. This is a critical part of the spinning process and ensure that the properties obtained from twisting remain permanent. The continuous, saturated steam heat setting on the machine offers the possibility to associate yarns of different colours into a carpet and means we can guarantee a top-quality finish.

We have also installed Gilbos take up winders, which provide greater reliability and shorter cycle times.

We’re incredibly proud of what we have achieved in creating a modern, world-class spinning operation. To find out more about the process that takes place at our facility, transforming wool into high-quality yarn, check out our Capabilities Page