29 January 2018

Having recently returned from Domotex 2018, the Lawton Yarns team is celebrating an overwhelming response to our latest product innovations and sustainable carpet yarn offering.

Exhibiting as part of The Spin Group, Lawton Yarns showcased a range of new blends and shades at the show which were met with enthusiasm from visitors. When choosing flooring, homeowners not only want something that looks the part; how it feels is also important and the current trend is a softer, more luxurious texture. To meet this demand, we’ve been working to combine wool with other materials such as Tencel, bamboo and alpaca to create a silkier finish while retaining the properties unique to wool. As natural hues remain popular in interior fashions, our undyed products also proved to be popular at the show.

Carpet manufacturers are demanding high quality, durable and sustainable yarns and as a resilient, natural fibre with enviable green credentials, wool is growing in popularity as the fibre of choice for flooring. Homeowners and commercial specifiers are also increasingly looking for flame retardant flooring but few are aware that wool doesn’t give off toxic fumes and self-extinguishes within seconds.

Sustainability was another hot topic at Domotex and the interest from both the commercial and residential markets in sustainable flooring options confirmed that a greener way of thinking is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ it’s becoming an expectation.

That’s why Lawton Yarns and the wider Spin Group are making sustainable production a top priority – lowering our carbon footprint and using sustainable sourced materials wherever possible. To find out more about our Green Label offering please visit spingroup-yarns.com/process/woollen/.