Over 100 years

A fine heritage

Founded in 1902 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire by Fred Lawton, Lawton Yarns is now based in the state-of-the-art 500,000 sqft manufacturing facility in the heart of the UK's traditional spinning district, producing high quality woollen yarns for the carpet industry.
A traditional craft with a modern twist.
Spinning had been in the Lawton family for generations. Fred Lawton’s father, Ben Lawton, had a spinning business, trading as Lawton and Jillot, which Fred joined when he left school. 

Fred then went on to work as a spinner and in 1902 was offered the opportunity to buy two pairs of spinning mules and four carding sets to set up on his own. With the help of his father he purchased the machinery for the sum of £300 and so founded the business which exists today as Lawton Yarns. Colin Lawton, Fred’s grandson, continued the family tradition and followed in his father’s footsteps, joining the family business after WWII and steering it through challenging economic conditions, the decline in the wool textile industry and introduction of new technological developments.

After WWII, the decision was made to focus solely on spinning yarns for carpet production and by the early 1970s Fred Lawton & Son was spinning woollen yarns exclusively for the carpet trades on a world-wide basis. Since then, the business has continued to grow, surviving market fluctuations by continuing to invest in the latest technologies to ramp up production and meet customer demands for high quality woollen yarns.

Today, Lawton Yarns is based in the state-of-the art 500,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Dewsbury.
  • Pioneering innovation

    The spinning industry has seen significant changes over the decades with many businesses folding under increasing commercial pressure, however, Lawton Yarns has stood the test of time with an unshakable belief in the future and a firm focus on continual improvement.

  • Investing in excellence

    Lawton Yarns was the first spinner to run a continuous operation to ensure it could deliver when the customers needed its yarn. In the last three years it has also invested £7.7 million to date to further improve production facilities including a new blending line, upgrading of pre-winding machines and the installation of additional dye pans to service contract carpet production. Lawton Yarns is also committed to investing in greener ways of working and energy saving technologies.

  • Bright future

    Lawton Yarns is part of The Spin Group – a global manufacturer of woollen and synthetic yarns. The Group offers an unrivalled product portfolio, manufacturing excellence and experienced customer service with production facilities in the UK and mainland Europe as well as a Global network of representatives on the ground.