Wool River Installation for Blessing of Southwark Cathedral Bells

10 January 2017

A special evensong service was held at Southwark Cathedral this week to bless a pair of bells that have recently been re-cast before being restored to the tower. Ten other bells were also blessed at the service and the event marked a historic moment for the Cathedral as the bells will not be seen on the ground again for another 100 years.

To celebrate the practice, which has taken place since medieval times, a stunning ‘wool river’, featuring yarn spun by Lawton Yarns was installed around the bells.

The specially spun yarn used for the project comes from 40 different countries including Real Shetland Wool, British, Australian, New Zealand, South African, and of course Viking Wool from Norway. The installation features three different types of wool; the original hank, the passageway hank, and curly wool which combines to create a unique texture and colour that contrasts beautifully with the solid metal bells.

The creator of the ‘wool river’, Angela Wright is an installation artist whose work has been featured around the world and her passion for wool is clearly shown in her work. Angela was asked to design a setting that would enhance the nave bells as the focus of the ceremony.

Visitors have praised the installation on its natural colour, softness, and texture, and have even commented on the natural scent of the material! The natural ‘bouncebackability’ of wool means its original spring and texture will stand the test of time and retain its natural, beautiful effect. This spectacular feature demonstrates the versatility of wool and how it can be used to create truly memorable designs that have a timeless appeal.