A twist on the latest interior trends: Why there’s more to tactility than meets the eye

24 August 2018

This year, when it comes to creating a stylish, comfortable home it’s all about tactile furnishings. It’s not just about how things look anymore, the focus is on using accessories, furniture and coverings that have bold textures and shapes to create a space that isn’t just inhabited, but experienced.

Flooring is key to nailing this trend as the way surfaces feel sets the tone for the rest of the room. When it comes to texture, wool has it all and here are some of the ways wool-rich carpet and rugs can inject sensory inspiration into the home:


Texture – for the feet and the eyes

 Modern manufacturing techniques are capable of creating woollen yarns that can be woven and twisted to create carpets that cater for every preference – from a chunky, cabled effect to a more luxurious, softer plush feel.

The chunky loop pile is currently in high demand for its distinctive, contemporary look and subtle texture made from plied yarn (typically 3 or 4 ply) and it’s the loops that lend to a deep and well-sprung carpet.

For a luxurious, smooth and textured finish, cut pile carpetsare the way to go. Within this popular category, customers split into two camps—those who seek softness or pinpoint definition. These important characteristics are determined by the level of twist, fibre composition and setting.



Despite many homeowners opting for hard flooring, people still equate a cosy, comfortable home with luxurious carpet and wool provides a perfect combination of comfort, warmth and desirability. When it comes to exuding a luxurious feel, velvet has been the material of choice this year. But it’s not just for strokable sofas, curtains or curtains. We have the specialist capability to spin velvet yarns to create the ultimate in luxury flooring.

To make a softer carpet, manufacturers use yarn with a lower twist that is more pliant underfoot. Mixing wool with even softer variants, such as lambswool and alpaca is also a tried and test technique. Yarn doesn’t have to be confined to the animal kingdom, either. We’ve recently developed some softer touch yarns that incorporate cellulose based fibres from plant sources like bamboo to impart extra softness. The natural world offers so many incredible fibres to choose from to help create beautiful, sustainably sourced yarns.


Pinpoint definition

Softness aside, the way a carpet is constructed has a big impact on how it looks as well as its tactility. For those who prefer their carpets to leap out rather than lay back, there are several approaches that provide added definition.

A higher twist heatset yarn is a proven method for creating pinpoint definition, but in truth, there are an endless number of possibilities. In addition to the established classics, we’re always experimenting with innovative techniques including chunky felted yarns to create something truly unique for the discerning customer.

With over 100 years of experience in the industry, it’s in our nature to look at how we can continue to do things differently creating innovative yarns that help our customers create carpets that keep up with the latest interior trends and both the look and feel that homeowners are seeking for their flooring.

A great looking carpet starts with a high quality yarn and we’re passionate about developing yarns that give carpet manufacturers the creative flexibility to produce wool carpets that tick all the boxes when it comes to style, quality and longevity.

So that’s our round up of what’s catching customers’ eyes in the world of wool carpets. Think we’ve missed anything? Let us know what you think the next big trend will be!