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Our scale is what sets us apart, but it's our consistency that keeps our customers coming back for more.
See how, through technology, genuine expertise translates into the finest quality wool and wool-rich blends.
Welcome to The Spin Group's flagship spinning facility.
Lawton Yarns' status as a preferred supplier to some of the largest and best known carpet manufacturers in the UK and beyond is testament to our focus on market needs. Our customers crave speed, reliability, creativity, sustainability and stability. We've certainly delivered longevity and that is because we have always had the foresight to think one step ahead - ensuring a timely and insightful response to operational and design-led demands:
  • We were the first to invest and restructure to accommodate shift patterns for round the clock working - increasing capacity and reducing lead times
  • We were the first to achieve ISO9002 status in 1994 demonstrating our compliance with industry standards for quality assurance.
  • We were the first to formulate heather mixes – giving designers more scope to add texture and depth to products of the time and continuing to offer an ever popular, more natural ‘homespun’ look.
Our customers crave speed, reliability, creativity, sustainability and stability.
  • Scale & reach

    Our trade is a traditional craft passed-down for generations, however we have never stood still. In fact, in the last three years the business has invested £7.7 million in product development and the latest machinery to improve the efficiency of our processes and guarantee the high quality yarns we pride ourselves on.

    Today, we have the scale and capability to deliver best-in-class fibres using the highest quality wool to customers around the world around the clock. We work together to create and deliver bespoke products – and regular yarns – to enable them to design and manufacture desirable and durable carpets for both commercial and residential markets.

  • Nearness to market

    While our capacity and global footprint are key differentiators, nearness to market is an important consideration – especially for our European customers.

    From a quality control and customer service perspective our locality is an important strength. Overseas spinners that compete on price often lack the personal touch that can be so critical to addressing supply chain concerns.

    Confidence in your chosen partner’s practices and the sovereignty of the product is essential and we can be counted on as a credible supplier with a passion for high quality products and service that is reflected in a stand-out facility. We’re proud of our investment and excited to showcase what a modern, world-class spinning operation looks like.

  • Wonder wool

    Wool is an unbeatable carpet fibre and we are great champions of British and New Zealand wool. Sustainable, fire retardant, stain resistant, durable, modern, timeless…

    We are working closely with our partners in the industry to educate retailers and – ultimately – consumers of its great features and natural beauty. To find out more, click here.