Wool Week: Celebrating the Everyday Wonder Material

11 October 2016

Karina Garrick, creative director of the Wool B&B, the flagship initiative of this year’s Wool Week, has praised the natural properties of wool in an interview featured in an article in The Telegraph saying that “If wool was discovered yesterday, everyone would value it so much more.”

The article features a glowing review of the natural properties of wool, many of which are still unbeknown to consumers:

“Reel off the positive attributes of wool and it sounds more like an ultra-hi-tech fabric designed in a lab than something that began on the back of a sheep: breathable, moisture-controlling, fire-retardant, hypoallergenic, biodegradable. The fact that these benefits come at little expense to the environment – and boost the livelihood of farmers – adds a feel-good factor, too.”

At Lawton Yarns, we are passionate about wool and the natural benefits it offers and we believe that collaboration is key to bringing these messages to market and change current misconceptions about wool.  We are proud to work closely with several partners and organisations, including The Campaign for Wool, to champion the use of wool in carpets.

The first ever Wool B&B, which is London-based, showcases how living with wool can be beneficial from head to toe, ceiling to floor, and everything in between! The property is packed with woolly products and features, including a stunning wool carpet designed with Liberty’s multi-coloured Flowers of Thorpe print.

It’s great to see how the Wool Week initiative is helping to raise awareness of the diversity and natural wondrous properties of wool to those outside the industry, ultimately encouraging more people to pick wool as their material of choice.