Welcoming SMG to our factory

6 November 2018

Last month, we welcomed members of SMG – a group of independent carpet retailers, to our factory.

Responsible for highlighting the benefits of our products to consumers, we were delighted to have the chance to showcase our entire manufacturing process to those closest to the customer.

On the day, our sales director, Peter L’Amie led on an overview of our history while talking through our unique 12 step manufacturing process and highlighting the true benefits of natural wool.

After the presentations, the group was taken on a tour of spinning so they could see the start of the process, with raw wool being blended, carded and dyed, before being spun and twisted into yarn.

Machinery in the factory

They then moved on to G-Tuft to see the final part, where yarn is transformed into tufted and looped carpets.

With a legacy spanning over 100 years, we are extremely proud of our rich heritage. So, there’s nothing we enjoy more than taking our partners and clients behind the scenes to see exactly what we do.

With a capacity to produce over 400 tonnes of top-quality carpet yarn every week, there are many elements that go into our manufacturing process. And from relying on a passionate and dedicated workforce of highly skilled staff to state-of-the-art machinery and tight quality controls, care and attention is built into every stage.

At the end of what had been a fantastic day, the group agreed they had gained a greater level of knowledge around what it takes to go from raw wool to a high-quality, end consumer product.

Yarn being spun in the factory

Lesley Pugh from Morris Jones Carpets, said: “As brand ambassadors on the shop floor, we are the first port of call for customers looking to purchase a carpet. Therefore, it’s really important that we are fully equipped to outline the many benefits of wool.

“The factory tour of Lawton Yarns provided us a fantastic opportunity to learn about the material, while witnessing the sheer amount of hard work and skill that goes into producing each and every yarn.

“We will return to our shop with more knowledge and a renewed enthusiasm for natural wool carpets!”

We’d like to thank SMG for the visit, and look forward to welcoming the next group of retail professionals, eager to learn more about our processes and the many benefits of wool!

For more information on SMG, visit www.smg-group.co.uk.