• We represent
    We are a world-leading wool spinning facility.
    Our success is borne from forward thinking.
    With over 100 years' heritage we've proven we can stand the test of time.
    And with investment in state-of-the-art facilities, R&D and an exciting
    runway under the Spin-Group umbrella our focus is firmly on the future.
    Join us on our journey
  • We have the
    Our scale is what sets us apart, but it's our consistency that keeps our customers coming back for more.
    See how, through technology, our expertise translates into the finest quality wool and wool-rich blends.
    • 60%
      of wool comes from British and New Zealand sheep
    • 400
      tonnes of wool per week
    • 115
      years of carpet yarn manufacture
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  • Why choose
    Wool's natural abilities make it the undisputed fibre of choice for flooring.
    We're here to support the industry in getting this message to market.
    Through education we hope to encourage homeowners and commercial specifiers to seek out wool for its stand-out properties:
    • Sustainability
      Wool is inherently environmentally friendly
    • Fire retardancy
      Wool won't burn easily and doesn't give off toxic fumes
    • Recoverability
      Wool's bouncebackability brings long lasting benefits
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  • Heritage and

    We buy-in wool from only the most revered wool producing nations.

    As champions of British and New Zealand wool we spin the highest quality, highest performing natural yarns to exacting global quality standards. Our passion is making products we can be proud of, our customers can work with and the end-user can enjoy.

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Fred Lawton, Founder.
Over 100 years.

A fine heritage

Established in 1902 by Fred Lawton, this privately owned family business has seen many changes throughout the century. Based in Huddersfield, the company was originally founded at Lockwood Mills and for many years thereafter at Firth Street Mills.
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